About the Energy Partnership

The Emirati-German Energy Partnership was founded in January 2017 between the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) of the UAE. The purpose of the Energy Partnership is facilitating exchange between high-ranking politicians and experts from the private and public sector. Climate change and the energy transition are in focus of Energy Partnership. Renewable energy has been the priority topic since the establishment of the Energy Partnership complemented by hydrogen since 2020. Additional focus topics of the Energy Partnership are electricity market design, system integration of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Both countries collaborate for the United Nations Climate Change conferences in Egypt in 2022 (COP27) and in the UAE in 2023 (COP28).

Guidehouse and the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce (AHK) are commissioned to implement the Energy Partnership between the governments of both countries.

Our experts

Portrait of Dr. Nawal Al Hanaee

Dr. Nawal Al Hanaee

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure - Director of Future Energy Department


Portrait of Ellen von Zitzewitz

Ellen von Zitzewitz

German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action - Deputy Head of Division Climate and energy cooperation with industrialised countries, hydrogen initiatives


Portrait of Eng. Moza Al Nuaimi

Eng. Moza Al Nuaimi

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure - Director of Productivity and Demand Management Department


Portrait of Eng. Dipak Sakaria

Eng. Dipak Sakaria

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure - Energy Transition Expert


Portrait of Eng. Abdelmuti Ahmed Murad

Eng. Abdelmuti Ahmed Murad

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure


Portrait of Eng. Maryam Mohammed Alshamsi

Eng. Maryam Mohammed Alshamsi

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure - Sustainability Engineer, Future Energy Department


Portrait of Harley Higgins-Watson

Harley Higgins-Watson

Head of Bilateral Energy Cooperation, Office of International Relations


Portrait of Dr. Karoline Steinbacher

Dr. Karoline Steinbacher

Guidehouse - RE system integration, electricity markets, strategic dialogue


Portrait of Matthias Schimmel

Matthias Schimmel

Guidehouse - Hydrogen policies, industrial decarbonization


Portrait of Henrik Schult

Henrik Schult

Guidehouse - Electricity markets, hydrogen & renewable energy policies, international cooperation


Portrait of Karin Zangerl

Karin Zangerl

AHK - Director Abu Dhabi Office


Portrait of Andrea Dertinger

Andrea Dertinger

Guidehouse - Renewables policy design, hydrogen policies, international cooperation


Portrait of Laura Moussa

Laura Moussa

AHK - Advisor Innovation, Startups & Sustainability


Portrait of Daisy Schmidt

Daisy Schmidt

AHK - Consultant Germany International


Portrait of John Niedergesäß

John Niedergesäß

Guidehouse - Industrial transformation, hydrogen policies


Portrait of Diego Bietenholz

Diego Bietenholz

Guidehouse - International cooperation, sector coupling, system flexibility