Emirati-German Energy and Climate Partnership

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Germany work closely together to advance the energy transition in the framework of the Emirati-German Energy and Climate Partnership. Priority topics are hydrogen, carbon pricing, expansion and system integration of renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Together, both countries are transforming their energy systems and opening up new fields of business.

We support high-level political dialogue, communication between public and private stakeholders and exchange of best-practice regarding the energy transitions in the UAE and Germany.

Facts & Figures


The population is a key driver of the energy consumption of a country. The UAE have tripled its population in the last 20 years. Germany’s population has been slightly growing in the last decades while energy consumption decreased due to efficiency measures.


Source: World Bank (2020)

Decarbonisation targets

Both the UAE and Germany set ambitious decarbonization targets. As first country in the MENA-region to declare a net-zero emission target the UAE is aiming to become climate neutral by 2050. Germany is aiming to decarbonize already by 2045.

100 %
until 2050
100 %
until 2045

Solar Potential (GHI)

The solar irradiation indicates the amount of energy that can be generated by solar plants. Countries with high level of irradiation are therefore able to produce solar-based electricity at lower costs. The UAE have outstanding potential for harvesting solar energy.


Sources: Solaris 2020

Germany: Solargis

United Arab Emirates: Solargis

About the Energy and Climate Partnership

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The UAE and Germany decided to deepen their successful energy sector collaboration by establishing the Emirati-German Energy Partnership in 2017. Recognizing the importance of integrating climate and energy cooperation, the Energy Partnership was expanded to an Energy and Climate Partnership in October 2022. Priorities are determined in bilateral steering group meetings. Joint activities are implemented by bilateral working groups with significant involvement from the business community. The Emirati-German Energy and Climate Partnership facilitates expert exchanges, study tours, delegation visits and bilateral workshops.

H.E. Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei

We aim through this collaboration activating strategic partnerships niche between the two countries in the energy field by the joint team work, and benefit from the experiences, strengthening the significant objectives of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.

H.E. Suhail Mohammed Al Mazrouei
UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure
H.E. Robert Habeck

Germany and the UAE cooperate closely on energy and climate action. The projects within the Energy and Climate Partnership lend significant support to the UAE's efforts to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and make an important contribution to a successful COP28.

H.E. Robert Habeck
Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

What We Can Do For You

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Facilitate Political Dialogue

The Energy and Climate Partnership between Germany and the UAE supports highlevel intergovernmental dialogue on energy solutions. We prepare and facilitate high-level meetings and organize the exchange between relevant institutions.

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Promote Best-Practice Exchange

We build bridges between both countries. We bring together government officials on the working level from both sides to share their lessons-learnt.

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Support Business Opportunities

We build bridges between politics and business, facilitate access to decision-makers and help you make your position being heard in the partnership countries.


11 September 2023

Emirati-German Industry Workshop on Emission Trading in Abu Dhabi

The UAE and Germany share an ambitious climate agenda. Emission trading is being discussed in the UAE as a policy instrument to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The launch of the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS) in 2005 has been a cornerstone of European climate policy. The EU ETS incentivizes cost-efficient emission reduction in emission-intensive industries, aviation and the electricity sector. Germany’s national emissions trading scheme, introduced in 2021, complements the EU ETS, focusing on heating and transport emissions. This industry workshop discusses emission trading and its implications for the private sector.

The workshop takes place in Abu Dhabi in the Rotana Hotel at Saadiyat Island. Participation upon invitation.

02 October 2023

Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC)

ADIPEC is an international platform uniting industry to accelerate urgent, collective and responsible action to decarbonise quicker and future-proof our energy system.

Hosted by ADNOC between 31 October – 3 November under the theme 'Decarbonising. Faster. Together.', ADIPEC builds on its nearly four-decade legacy as an inclusive platform, facilitating dialogue across the entire energy ecosystem and beyond, fostering cross-sector partnerships and inspiring game-changing solutions towards a cleaner, more secure energy future.

As the UAE prepares to welcome global leaders to COP28 in November 2023, ADIPEC will act as an inclusive platform, framing diverse conversations from across the energy value chain and beyond while driving investment into the clean energies of the future.

08 October 2023

MENA Climate Week in Riyadh

Hosted by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh, MENA Climate Week 2023 will take place from 8-12 October 2023. 

The first global Stocktake, which will conclude at COP 28 in UAE in December this year, offers a unique opportunity to call for decisive and inclusive change and for urgently responding to the need for accelerating progress across all areas of the Paris Agreement. MENA CW 2023 and all the Regional Climate Weeks provide a platform for policymakers, practitioners, businesses and civil society to exchange on climate solutions, barriers to overcome and opportunities realized in different regions.

The Weeks consider four major systems-based tracks with a view to provide region-focused contributions to inform the global stocktake:

  1. Energy systems and industry
  2. Cities, urban and rural settlements, infrastructure and transport
  3. Land, ocean, food and water
  4. Societies, health, livelihoods, and economies    .
01 December 2023

COP28 Panel: Carbon Pricing & Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

04 December 2023

COP28 Panel: The Future of Carbon Pricing in Europe & the Middle East

05 December 2023

COP28: Hydrogen Certification & Launch of UAE Wind Potential study

13 January 2024

14th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi

The fourteenth session of the IRENA Assembly will take place from 13-14 January 2024, with the Pre-Assembly Day on 12 January 2024, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This is IRENA’s ultimate decision-making authority, made up of one representative from each Member. It convenes annually to discuss and decide upon issues such as the work programme, budget, adoption of reports, applications for membership and potential amendments to agency activities.

16 April 2024

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) 2024

Abu Dhabi Sustainability week is an important gathering that will feature how the countries are coming together to deliver real climate solutions and to align with the theme of COP27, together for implementation. ADSW 2024 is an initiative taken by UAE and clean energy powerhouse Masdar to accelerate sustainable development and modern social, economic and environmental progress.

14 January 2023

13th IRENA General Assembly in Abu Dhabi

The 13th session of the IRENA Assembly takes place in Abu Dhabi from 14 to 15 January 2022.

16 January 2023

7th Emirati-German Energy & Climate Day

15:00 – 17:00, Abu Dhabi, ADNEC

16 January 2023

High-Level Steering Group Meeting

The Emirati-German Energy Partnership, established in January 2017 between the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), aims at promoting dialogue between stakeholders from industry and the public sector of both countries. The 7th High-Level Steering Group Meeting of the Energy Partnership aims at identifying topics for collaboration and activities to be implemented in the framework of the Energy Partnership during the year 2023.

28 March 2023

9th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue in Berlin

In the past years the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) has become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy sector. High-level policymakers, industry, science and civil society are given the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible global energy transition. Over 2,000 participants from more than 90 countries, 50 foreign and energy ministers and state secretaries, and over 100 high-level speakers gather in the German capital every spring to be part of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

The upcoming 9th Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will be held 28-29 March 2023 (tentative date).

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25 September 2022

Chancellor H.E. Olaf Scholz meets President H.H. Sheikh Mohamed in UAE

08 June 2022

MENA Europe Future Energy Dialogue (MEFED) takes place in Amman

8 - 9 June 2022

The Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources & German Federal Government (BMWK, BMZ, AA) are hosting the conference on June 8 and 9 in Amman, Jordan. MEFED will be inviting energy ministers from the MENA region such as C-level representatives from energy companies, financial institutions and civil society actors. Renewable energy, Green-H2 and energy efficiency will be the Focus topics.

28 June 2022

UAE delegation headed by H.E. Sharif Al Olama visits Germany

H.E. Sharif Al Olama, Undersecretary for Energy & Petroleum at the UAE Ministry for Energy & Infrastructure (MOEI), will be visiting Germany from 28 June to 1 July together with representative from MOEI and UAE business. Hydrogen and synthetic fuels will be in focus of the visit in Berlin, Munich and Freiburg.

21 October 2022

Ministers Habeck & Al Jaber receive first ammonia testcargos from UAE

A Hamburg visit takes place on Ocotober 21, 2022 with Germany’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Dr. Robert Habeck and UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and CEO of the UAE’s national oil and gas company ADNOC Dr. Sultan Al Jaber for the arrival of the first ammonia test cargo shipment from the UAE to Germany. An agreement for the delivery of ammonia test cargos shipments from Abu Dhabi to Hamburg was signed between ADNOC and offtakers in Germany during the UAE visit of Minister Habeck in March 2022.

15 September 2022

High-Level Climate Dialogue sets priorities for expanded climate cooperation within Energy Partnership

Carbon pricing and certification, sectoral decarbonization plans, climate finance and climate change adaption have been identified in a High-Level Climate Dialogue, as core topics for bilateral climate cooperation between the UAE and Germany by H.E. Mariam Al Mheiri, Minister for Climate Change and Environment of the UAE (MOEI), H.E. Patrick Graichen, Vice Minister and Energy State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), H.E. Sharif Al Olama, Undersecretary at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI) and H.E. Norbert Gorißen, Deputy Special Envoy for International Climate Action at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. Close cooperation has also been agreed for COP28 taking place 2023 in the UAE.

The Emirati-German Energy Partnership is very much looking forward to intensified climate cooperation to together with our new colleagues from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment!

29 March 2022

8th Berlin Energy Transition Days (BETD)

29 - 30 March 2022

The BETD has become a leading international forum for key stakeholders of the energy sector. The 8th Edition of the BETD takes place on March 29 and 30 in Berlin, Germany. High-level policymakers, industry, science and civil society are given the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible global energy transition.

02 November 2021

Expo 2020 visit with H.E. Sharif Al Olama & German delegation

During the UAE visit of German State Secretary H.E. Andreas Feicht in November 2021, the German delegation together with with H.E. Sharif Al Olama and MOEI representatives visited the UAE Pavilion at the Expo 2020 in Dubai.

02 November 2021

Signing Ceremony for Bilateral Task Force on Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels

German Energy State Secretary H.E. Andreas Feicht visited the UAE from 1-2 November, 2021 and signed a Joint Declaration of Intent with UAE Energy Minister H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei in Dubai for the establishment of the Bilateral Task Force on Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuels within the framework of the Emirati-German Energy Partnership.

Group of people in a conference room
04 November 2020

Expert Workshop on Rooftop PV in the UAE and Germany

The workshop included a technical discussion regarding the experiences in Germany and the UAE in the regulation of rooftop PV systems, system integration of renewable energies and regional implementation strategies. Cooperation on this topic is based on a long tradition: Germany and the UAE had already installed a rooftop system in the UAE in 2007 in a joint demonstration project.

Screen of a group of people during an online video call
Workshop participants
18 March 2021

Expert Workshop on Electricity Market Design

The introduction of an electricity market has been in preparation in the UAE for several years and is envisioned to be launched this year with a test phase. Various approaches for electricity market regulation were presented by the speakers from the Emirati, European and German perspectives and then discussed with energy sector stakeholders from both countries.

27 January 2021

Expert Workshop on the role of Hydrogen in the Electricity System

Experts from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Elia Grid International, Amprion, DLR and Siemens Energy, among others, discussed applications, business models and funding concepts for hydrogen as a flexibility option in power grids with a high share of renewable energy.

Screen of group of people during a video call
Workshop participants
17 June 2020

GCC Industry Meeting on Consortia Formation

Representatives of the from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy presented instruments to promote consortia formation for German companies in the field of renewables. Experiences in this regard were later presented by company representatives.

19 February 2020

Expert Workshop on international Hydrogen Trade, Storage & Transport

Stakeholders from the UAE and Germany discussed the potential of international hydrogen trade. The key topic was the transport of hydrogen to create international markets, in particular pipelines were discussed as a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, the workshop covered topics such as the further processing of hydrogen and the definition of sustainability criteria.

15 January 2019

Expert and Industry Workshop on Grids and the Energy Transition, Abu Dhabi

The bilateral expert and industry workshop was held as part of the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The program consisted of presentations and discussions on the design of system service markets, grid access issues, and other aspects of power sector optimization against the background of the energy transition.

Group of people
24 April 2018

Study tour on Electricity Markets and Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in Berlin & Hannover

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy hosted a delegation of experts from the UAE. The aim of the study visit was to deepen the technical exchange on electricity market design and the optimization of electricity grids between Germany and the UAE.

13 November 2017

Study tour on Electric Mobility and sustainable Transport in Berlin, Leipzig & Munich

The aim of this tour was to promote dialogue between stakeholders from industry and the public sector of both countries on E-mobility and sustainable transport with a view to advance the implementation of both countries’ sustainable energy strategies. Inputs were given on different topics such E-mobility and its infrastructure, alternative fuels and autonomous driving.

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16 January 2017

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding and First High-Level Steering Group Meeting

During the World Future Energy Summit, the first steering group meeting of the Energy Partnership took place on 16 January 2017 and the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding between Germany and the UAE to establish an Energy Partnership was signed.

Group of many people in a conference room
Memorandum of Understanding signed 16th January 2017 by H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei and H.E. Rainer Baake
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